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Disaster recovery and/or business continuity plans are vital to all organisations. Many organisations put off making provision for even minor disruptions to their operations, usually due to complexity or cost. Putting plans in place to cover for such eventualities can be simple, and straight forward.

We can host your organisation's backup equipment.  In addition, we can provide facilities from which to operate should your primary office location become inaccessible.

JADe can provide the following Disaster Recovery services:

Disaster Recovery Services from JADe

Office Space

We have access to a variety of space across the UK via one of our Associate companies, providing managed desk space, office space and meeting space to organisations.

Much of this space can be made available at short notice in the event of an emergency for JADe clients, ensuring that your organisation can continue to operate with  minimal disruption.

Disaster Recovery

Most organisations now rely heavily on the technology at their disposal as a means to communicate, both internally and externally.

We can support you and your critical IT or technology systems in the case of unforeseen and/or disruptive natural or manmade events.

Assessing risk

Ensuring connectivity

Providing appropriate space

computer problems