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Cloud Services

Cloud Services

Few organisations can justify the capital investment required to purchase, setup and maintain their own server infrastructure.

We can provide you with an alternative, with a range of cost effective, managed services collectively known as the ‘Cloud’.

Reduce costs

Greater security

Improved reliability

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If you would like a detailed quote or more information about the services we provide, please call +44 (0) 870 760 62 62 or complete the Enquiry Form.

Joint Application Development enterprises (JADe)

JADe is an IT consultancy providing quality, cost-effective IT services to a number of industry sectors. This includes Charities (from community-based to large NGO), Healthcare, Finance, Legal, Media and small -medium enterprises (SME).

We can provide a full range of IT Management, Development and Operations services to ensure organisations have the appropriate infrastructure and systems to run their business effectively.

JADe specialise in taking your business requirements and system issues and providing a tailored, cost-effective solution that meets your budget demands whilst ensuring quality.

We partner with the major industry manufacturers to ensure this. These include Microsoft, IBM, SuSE Linux, Oracle and others.

Give us a call today and we guarantee to provide you with an IT partnership that really works.

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